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Waiting for a view…..

14 Mar

There are many spectacular view points along the Gold Coast.

Most people enjoy taking in the blue sea, beautiful sunrises and great beaches.

Lately most people have been waiting for a view…..

Gold Coast



11 Mar

Blue, Grey, Warm, Cold……

Rough, smooth, inviting or scary.

Some times the ocean is a mirror of the sky,

and other times a complete contrast……..




Easy come,easy go !!……

10 Mar

Weeks of drizzle, rain even near cyclonic conditions have rocked the Gold coast.

The famous beaches have taken a beating and lost thousands of tons of sand.

Yesterday the sun appeared, giving hope of a return to the normal conditions.

Alas, a storm rolled in again this morning, easy come, easy go !!….

Storm on the Gold Coast

Storm on the Gold Coast


9 Mar

Usually when shooting people there are definite commercial goals involved.

With models, it portfolios to enable them to get more work.

Fashion…well, thats obvious.

Commercial, same.

Today I shot two wonderful ladies that are having their heads shaved to support Leukaemia research.

I will shoot them again post shave and we going to go a little OTT.

Its the least I can do to support their efforts and kindness……….

Kelly and Karen 9.3.2013_7232Kelly and Karen 9.3.2013_7191

Fashion Show time…………

7 Mar

Outdoor fashion events during the longest period of rain in years…great!

I turned up at a popular fashion event venue, looking at clouds starting to form and wondering whether the large garbage bags I had at the bottom of my camera bag would cover all my gear properly.

Then, upon entering the pool deck area were the runway is, I gave a huge sigh of relief.

A large marquee had been erected over the pool area.

A great show ensued, Thanks Beth, you know who you are.

It really is Fashion Show time………….

At work at Komune Resort

At work at Komune Resort

komune 28.2.2013_7038