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the early bird…..

19 Dec

The sun rises early here on the east coast of Australia.

Here in the state of Queensland, the first morning rays of light are hitting the beach just after 4.00am.

So up here it really is the early bird…. that gets to see the beautiful sunrise.

the early bird…..

the early bird…..


eye for Beauty………

19 Dec

When a new model comes along, it is always interesting to see how they will react to the camera when the shot is all about them.

Zoe showed poise, grace and even a hint of attitude well beyond her years and experience.

She really does have an eye for Beauty…….

Zoe - Eye for Beauty

Zoe – Eye for Beauty

Hair and Make Up thanks to Kylie’s Professional – Burleigh Heads

sunlit surfers………..

19 Dec

When the sun reappears here on the Gold Coast, the beaches are crowded by all sorts of people enjoying their favourite outdoor activity.

But the most dedicated and numerous are the sunlit surfers…………

Sunlit surfers

approaching storm……

18 Dec

A stint of hot weather is being blown away by a change of weather here on the Gold Coast.

With Christmas just days away, lets hope it clears for the festivities.

At Nobbys’ beach this morning, I was greeted not by the sun, but by the approaching storm…..

Nobbys' Beach, Gold Coast

Nobbys’ Beach, Gold Coast

the edge of the earth……….

17 Dec

With a little imagination some shots we take can transport you away to another place.

Image this as the edge of the earth………

the edge of the earth…..

the edge of the earth…..


16 Dec

After shot a fashion piece on festive season style, Gaby and I shot some quick portraits for her folio.

She told me she can’t do sultry or sexy…………I beg to differ.Gaby……..

I’m Back………..

16 Dec

Three weeks and no internet coverage whilst moving house has given me time to realise how much our whole life no depends on the web.

Communications, banking, bill paying and of course photo sharing.

All these can be done other ways or elsewhere but the sheer time saving convenience of doing it all from home cannot be overstated.

Anyway, the photography side of life has been as busy as ever so I will start sharing some of the new seascapes and fashion pics from today.

Elephant Rock