Fashionably caring……….

21 Sep

The fashion showcase I shot last night was a great example of how a section of the business community can band together to assist those in need.

Designers, retailers, models, make up artists and photographers banded together to stage and promote this great local event, which I

might add, went off without a hitch and drew a crowd well in excess of the numbers expected.


2 Responses to “Fashionably caring……….”

  1. Jill Tyson Vialatio September 25, 2012 at 4:30 am #

    Hey man, good work. Gets a plus one from me, well it would but I couldn’t find the button. Actually wanted to read something different but ended up here. If it’s ok I might share your post with my twitter followers. They are mad keen for this type of information so expect some good traffic over the next few weeks.

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