27 Aug

I had a shoot a couple of days ago with an experienced model and one that is new to fashion modelling. I can see the faces of the fashion photographers now, “a new model, that means taking ages to show her how to pose, smile etc, and teamed with an experienced model, arghh!!”

Wrong, although they had never met before the shoot, they got on famously and not once was I waiting for them to be ready, on the contrary it was me that held the shoot up changing camera bodies, lens and other photography stuff.

Sarah who I have shot before is a true professional. Cold, hot, windy or raining, she holds poses, adds creative ideas and always looks great.

Emma is new, but honestly you would never know it. Ready to shoot, quick to change and re-pose, she remains happy and helpful.

Adding to making this shoot fun, was having my wife along to assist, her skills with a camera are certainly fast approaching pro level and her eye for detail is second to none.

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