Sunrise statues………

18 Aug

Sorry about the long break. You know there are times in your life when you feel that you are handcuffed to a speeding train and all you want to do is get off, well that’s what the last three weeks have been like. Nothing bad has happened, not at all, but there just hasn’t been time to blink.

The problem is that my family has been pushed aside, my long-suffering wife is completing further university education as well as working full-time, the kids have a full complement of out of school activities and sport and the consequence is that we are ships in the night, passing thru for meals and fresh clothes.

A new round of fashion shows start next week and I see these as a settling from the madness of the last few weeks. I look forward to shooting in a professional environment, amongst the best photographers in the country, with the best models, lighting and staging etc. Hectic, stressful but a return to setting where what you produce is appreciated and sought after.

Enough griping, the other morning I went out early, no clouds, no waves, just freezing temperatures. These two were obviously frozen in situ by the unseasonal chill……..




One Response to “Sunrise statues………”

  1. Observing Owl August 18, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

    This is fantastic!

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