VIBA….OMG an award…………..

18 May

Yes folks, its been passed along from Jenn at Quirk’n it. Now she really deserved an award, a talented photographer and fitness guru, Jen has a talent for showing life from different angles.

Now the rules state I must share seven little known facts about my life…….apparently I can use ageing memory banks as a way out of this, oh well here goes.

1. I have moved house over thirty times in 49 years…..I guess the police will catch up with me sooner or later.

2. I went from being an explosives worker (powder monkey) to being a paramedic….there has to be something freudian in that!!

3. I have shared a thermal updraft whilst flying a glider with the worlds crankiest, moth-eaten, grumpy eagle who proceeded to attack the glider until I left him to that piece of sky.

4. I love Asian food above all others and the perfect dinner would have dishes from Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and India washed down with a chilled New Zealand Chablis overlooking the ocean……………

5. I have all the James Bond movies and try as hard as I can, I just haven’t managed to be a suave as Shaun Connery  ( I am not quite as bald though)

6. People who know me well, are amazed that I have a website and blog as they realise just how IT challenged I really am, thank goodness for youtube tutorials.

7. Photography is a passion, but my Family are my life, to see them enjoy and succeed in life means more than anything…except perhaps the thought of fact number 4., just kidding !!

Now for the easy part, passing this prestigious award along to people with real talent…

1. Los Angeles Fashion Glamour & Lifestyle Photographer – the average Jim – talented and inspiring photographer with a honest and worldly opinion about photography and life in general.

2. Complete [and Utter] Disbelief – beauty and lifestyle from South Africa

3. Alexandra’s Art. – Beauty, I don’t need to say anything else

4. Bethylicious – Seriously talented writer and photographer with a great sense of fun.

5. Iain Crockart/Photographer/Bits and Blogs – Travels to far flung places, great camera work, it makes me green with envy.

2 Responses to “VIBA….OMG an award…………..”

  1. The Average Jim September 2, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

    woohoo! thanks for the vote! 🙂

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