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Sihoulette…..sort of !!

14 Feb

Just a couple for you too look at, these were taken quickly while the video guys set up. I gave Kristina back to them right as the beautiful sunrise was at its best !

The future of Fashion photography ????………..

13 Feb

Hot on the heels of Nikon announcing the incredible new D800 with a massive 36 megapixel sensor which has caused Nikons pre-order website to crash due to the amount of photographers deciding this is the new camera for them, I spied the lightweight  alternative at the Gold Coast Fashion Week 2012. It certainly reduces the size bag you need to carry all your equipment, but some how I don’t think I will be swapping my Nikon any time soon.

Nicola Finetti….Awesome !!!

12 Feb

The final show was staged last night, ending a packed program full of variety and styles for the Gold Coast Fashion Week 2012. What a finale it was, the innovative designer, Nicola Finetti showcased his collection, full of sharp lines and contrast capturing the local fashionista’s imagination.

The event has been staged flawlessly and all who have been lucky enough to participate are sad to see it end, except we can all now catch up on some much needed sleep.

To see the rest of the collection head over to my Facebook page and be prepared to be amazed.

Swimwear…watch the crowd gather…………….

12 Feb

Day 3 of the Gold Coast Fashion Week saw swimwear as the drawcard, and what a drawcard it was. Standing several deep behind the seated VIP’s the enormous crowd got a first look at the latest take on bikinis and one piece swimwear.

Less is more was the overall theme with great use of prints to further spice up the offerings.

With seven designers to get through, the events models were strutting their stuff at a feverish pace keeping the fashionistas on the edge of the chairs, or for those standing, on the tips of their toes.

To see more of the designs head over to my Facebook page,

One more event to go.

Glamour everywhere…….

12 Feb

It’s normal to see glamorous models everywhere at a premier fashion event like the Gold Coast Fashion Week , but even the interviewer for the local edition of Fashion TV is right up there when it comes to glamour.

Yasmin, from Fashion TV has been working hard interviewing models, designers and fashionistas from all over during the event.

Always with a genuine smile and great questions, she just raises the glamour scale that bit higher.

Backstage hustle and bustle…………….

11 Feb

When your out front in the photographers pit at a fashion show its easy to forget the level of frantic activity going on backstage.

There are hundreds of garments to be hung in sequence, shoes, make up artists, hair stylists and the anxious designers all squashed into the space of a suburban lounge room, cluttered up by clothes racks, make up retouch stations and the general accessories that a group of young girls have with them.

In most circumstances this would lead to frayed tempers at the least and outright war in most occasions, but not backstage at a fashion event.

Timed down to the last second, the models are dressed and redressed in a way normally reserved for space age kids cartoons, a kind of walk thru production line, preened by the talented hair and make up crew and launched in time down the runway, time after time.

And they love it. The vibe is high, there are enough smiles to light the change area and everyone is helping each other keep the show on track.

This backstage place is far to frantic for me, I’ll stick to the push and shove of the pit !!!

And the fashions roll on…………

11 Feb

Day two of the Gold Coast Fashion Week saw a busy day with two more designers show casing their collections, Damsel in Distress and Susan Rep had the fantastic models strutting their stuff in an amazing collection of colours and textures which was well received by the sell out crowd.

To see the full collections follow the link to my Facebook page,, but here are a few teasers…………………

Runway style……

10 Feb

I don’t think I need to write too much about these pictures, the first events have provided so much runway style…………enjoy !! For complete collections have a look at my Facebook page




Gold Coast Fashion Week…….here we go !!!

9 Feb

Two reasons to smile today. Firstly the Gold Coast Fashion Week has been officially launched and the first two shows have been presented to full houses (standing room included) and the my wonderful internet provider has re-established contact with the world for me.

The launch was held at the stunning Zen Garden which is one of the fantastic locations that makes up the Oracle complex at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. VIP guest streamed thru the doors to partake in cocktails and nibbles whilst rubbing shoulders with designers, fashion gurus and of course the beautiful models. The Zen Garden provided a sensational view across the Gold Coast and the event got everybody excited about the up coming parades over the rest of the event.

I will post a few images here daily, but to keep up to date with all the latest images from all the events please go to my Facebook page,

Aahhhh!!!…the sensor has measles !

7 Feb

Thats right, after two weeks of promising to check the sensor on my main camera and several shoots later, I decided to do a test shot and see if I would be good to go for the Gold Coast Fashion Week starting with a cocktail party tomorrow night.

As a precaution I took a shot with my back up body and I was presented with a picture of electronic hygiene…spotless.

Now quietly confident of my lens changing procedures and camera cleaning regime, I fired off a test shot with the main body…….arrgh!!.

There they were, dust invaders, the scourge  of the fashion photographer, where crisp, CLEAN, images rule the day.

A frantic phone call to a well-known camera service and my baby will be returned to its sterile sensor best. Banish those dust bunnies, I say.

The amount of Photoshop time to repair the damage done to the images is unbelievable, and tomorrow when I pick the Nikon up I can confidently shoot these sensational garments knowing that no dust bunnies will be out to destroy  the beauty and style present.