Backstage hustle and bustle…………….

11 Feb

When your out front in the photographers pit at a fashion show its easy to forget the level of frantic activity going on backstage.

There are hundreds of garments to be hung in sequence, shoes, make up artists, hair stylists and the anxious designers all squashed into the space of a suburban lounge room, cluttered up by clothes racks, make up retouch stations and the general accessories that a group of young girls have with them.

In most circumstances this would lead to frayed tempers at the least and outright war in most occasions, but not backstage at a fashion event.

Timed down to the last second, the models are dressed and redressed in a way normally reserved for space age kids cartoons, a kind of walk thru production line, preened by the talented hair and make up crew and launched in time down the runway, time after time.

And they love it. The vibe is high, there are enough smiles to light the change area and everyone is helping each other keep the show on track.

This backstage place is far to frantic for me, I’ll stick to the push and shove of the pit !!!

2 Responses to “Backstage hustle and bustle…………….”

  1. enmanscamera February 12, 2012 at 12:50 am #

    I enjoyed your perspective (and photography of course) I think thats a world not many of us know or think about.

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