Aahhhh!!!…the sensor has measles !

7 Feb

Thats right, after two weeks of promising to check the sensor on my main camera and several shoots later, I decided to do a test shot and see if I would be good to go for the Gold Coast Fashion Week starting with a cocktail party tomorrow night.

As a precaution I took a shot with my back up body and I was presented with a picture of electronic hygiene…spotless.

Now quietly confident of my lens changing procedures and camera cleaning regime, I fired off a test shot with the main body…….arrgh!!.

There they were, dust invaders, the scourge  of the fashion photographer, where crisp, CLEAN, images rule the day.

A frantic phone call to a well-known camera service and my baby will be returned to its sterile sensor best. Banish those dust bunnies, I say.

The amount of Photoshop time to repair the damage done to the images is unbelievable, and tomorrow when I pick the Nikon up I can confidently shoot these sensational garments knowing that no dust bunnies will be out to destroy  the beauty and style present.

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