Portraits for me…………….

5 Feb

After a great shoot with Kendall ( which I posted about yesterday ) I spent the day getting the post production done. I like to give the subjects their images while the memories of the shoot are still fresh.

I believe that it enhances the good times we have shooting and people can then share their excitement with family and friends.

I went thru about one hundred and thirty shots and ended up with about thirty for the model to show to agencies and the like.

There were all the great fashionable backlit dress shoots, bikinis and beach wear, but my favourite is this portrait.

I love the expression, and Kendalls eyes draw you in, wondering about the story behind the shot.

Let your mind wander, and image a shipwreck, a jilted lover out for a beach walk or even a James Bond Femme Fatale.

That is the great thing about the art of portraiture, it doesn’t tell the story it just opens the book .

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