Fantastic shoot with a Fantastic Model……..

5 Feb

Sometimes you know straight away that you are going to shoot a great model. This morning I was lucky enough to be shooting Kendall, this young model has everything it takes to go far.

Of course she is beautiful, and with a fit, lithe body, but she also possesses that something extra. Kendall wants to be good, she is prepared to lie on sharp rocks or perch on decidedly  unstable branches to get the shot, but not only that, she actively looks for great posing locations and comes up with a lot of her own ideas.

She’s not afraid of cold water, bugs and doesn’t shrink away when the occasional bystander stops to admire her talent.

A real winner this one is and I hope to have the chance to work a great deal more with her, she makes my job soooooo easy !!

One Response to “Fantastic shoot with a Fantastic Model……..”

  1. taylormahoney February 5, 2012 at 4:53 am #

    Nice, always good to work with someone who has ideas of their own/isn’t shy.

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