The last shot syndrome……

28 Jan

With high expectations the shoot begins, the model has arrived on time, the make up artist is set up with great ideas, the designer has taken your advice and set the garments on the rack in shooting order, and you, the photographer has triple checked the  equipment and the locations to be used. Even mother nature has provided a great backdrop.

But …….. the shoot just doesn’t flow, the model is great and patient, the make up artist does her normal high quality work, the designer doesn’t get overly protective of her garments and yet the shoot has no feeling, no energy, and as much as you, the photographer, try to inject humour, creativity and fun into the mix, you can tell everybody else would rather be washing their hair.

After an hour or so of moving gear, resetting lights, getting adjustments to clothes and make up done, you find yourself shooting the last set and bingo!…the magic appears, the dress gets some movement, the model poses just right, the make up artist suggests a great hair style change and even the designer is smiling and clapping.Everybody walks away feeling great about the shoot, forgetting the moments of temper, unresponsiveness, lack of inspiration, and all saying ” cant wait to work together soon!”.

Thank goodness for the “Last Shot Syndrome”.

One Response to “The last shot syndrome……”

  1. Bethylicious January 29, 2012 at 4:26 am #

    Beautiful! I love her expression.

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