Make Up Artists..the unsung heros !

23 Jan

The glamorous face, the perfect lashes, the inviting lips…most models believe it or not look like this in reality. Sure they have been blessed with great bone structure, lovely eyes, height and the right curves, but they all still have the same skin breakouts, the pimple, the cracked lips, the dry hair and freckles……do you feel a bit better now? Yes they are human after all.

This is where the make up artist steps in. Layers of secret potions and paints are applied with an amazing array of brushes and sponges, glues and glitter are placed with delicate care and talons are filed down and then buffed up to become the fabulous finishing point of the models delicate smooth hand.

They work in cramped, poorly lit spaces trying not to trip over bags of equipment  always mindful that us photographers are glancing at our watches, thinking of thee next client that is coming in.

Then we take them outdoors and asked them to perform the same miracles with no bench, the wind howling and the model complaining of being bitten by bugs.

Take a moment to thank these maestros, for they add that special touch that lifts a good image into a great one.

One Response to “Make Up Artists..the unsung heros !”

  1. timruane24 January 29, 2012 at 11:23 am #

    Some truly fantastic work here.

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