Logistics of photography……….

19 Jan

When you shoot in a studio, especially your own, everything you need is usually nearby, as long as the model/s and make up artist turn up most of the logistics are taken care of before hand. Your lights are set up, camera gear in place, screens and diffusers are not being blown away by wind etc. It is pretty comfortable and it allows you to concentrate on creating great images.

Now when you step out into the big wide world everything changes. Firstly you have to carry stuff and most photography gear is heavy or awkwardly sized. Second, regardless of what the weatherman says the night before on TV, Mother Nature will quite often play little games with your plans (note to self – get more sand bags). If your lucky enough to have arranged an indoor location shoot, remember to double-check that the key to the gate or door is the right one.

Even when you have done a pre-shoot check, not all your plans will go smoothly.What you thought was great light isn’t, that great big space to pose the model in is actually tiny and the props you were told were easy to move require a large tractor to budge an inch!!

Working with people you now however makes a lot of problems disappear, just like the shoot I did with another photographer, Squizzy and my mates from DreamSpace Productions. We worked around, over the top and sometimes thru each other shots and captured some awesome images of the models in the vintage Porsches. Dont worry too much about a Degree in Photoimaging just remember to study for your Diploma in Logistics of Photography………..     

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