Seaside serenity……………..

16 Jan

I took so time out to archive some old images on the back up drive recently and fell into the trap of reviewing some of my favorite images. I am sure most photographers have memories of shoots that went well, or produced some images that changed the way you think  about our art form. Great models help of course and sometimes you get shots that were not planned but just begged to be taken. You know what I mean, the model, hair, dress and location combine with great lighting turned on my mother nature to provide the basis for a great image.

For some reason this one disappeared into the archive until I reviewed the images recently, and with a little post production it is being aired for the first time. For me it brings back the memory of working with a large group of great people. three models, a fantastic make up artist, another enthusiastic photographer and watching the start of a young videographers career.

Nathan from Dreamspace Productions was with us that day, and produced some stunning work. Yesterday he emailed a media bite designed for a large fashion event thru to me for my thoughts. I watched it over and over until I realised the only thing I could offer was congratulations, please make your way across to Nathans site and feast your eyes on this guys incredible talent.

Meantime enjoy the serenity that this image portrays……….


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