Natural Talent…………

14 Jan

I love working with models. They are a slice of humanity, some have the gift, some don’t, some think they do and some just work hard to try to get it. They all share something….the desire to be seen, and there is nothing wrong with that. Their gene make up has meant that they are, in the main, that 10 percent of the population that is….beautiful.

Being beautiful however does not in itself guarantee success in the modelling game, oh no, a model also needs to understand that although the finished image, or the appearance on the catwalk looks to the general public as glamorous, the reality is hard work, in terrible conditions wearing clothes that are too tight, itchy or just downright torturous.

They also have to be able to cope with designers, make up artists ( the most undervalued profession in the world ) and us demanding photographers. You now how location direction goes, ” Bend backwards a little more so that sharp rock stabs you in the back while the freezing wave crashes over you, smile, the image will be amazing !” The thing is the good one’s do it, never complaining, ready to shoot regardless of discomfort and then when reviewing the image the look at us photographers and gush that we are amazing. Its sooo good for the ego !

In the studio, although there are no rocks, waves or insects to distract the model, there are long sessions of smiling, reposing and making minor adjustments to lights, costumes etc. Once again the good ones shine thru, Like Krystal, who I have had the pleasure of working with for a local designer. Happy, helpful, creative and always ready, she is a model model !   And yes she is definitely in that 10 percent of the gene pool .

One Response to “Natural Talent…………”

  1. virtuos and beautiful January 14, 2012 at 11:59 pm #

    It is hard work and discipline to be a model, specially since a lot of them have to be underweight, but yet look lively and healthy in the pictures.

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