So that was Christmas…….

25 Dec

Here we are again in that post-Christmas glow, a belly full of rich, wonderful food, happy kids exhausted by a combination of excitement and activity and a collection of new presents to help us remember this great family day.

We started early with the kids handing out the gifts from under the tree at an amazing rate constantly with one eye on their ever-growing pile of presents. They ripped open the collection with gusto, and as happened in houses all over the world discarded the carefully applied wrapping without a care. Greeting cards were scanned faster than a Cray super computer could unless of course they contained money and then they where secreted away quickly.


Batteries were found, assembling completed and toys tested. For us a Nerf gun war was followed by a swim to test the new Boogie boards’ stability. Lunch soon came and went, and a trip to the beach to see the storm induced waves saw us out getting some needed fresh air. People all over the Gold Coast had the same idea and picnics and BBQs were the order of the day.


We went home and prepared for the Traditional Christmas dinner. Chicken replaced Turkey, but other than that it was the normal favourites. We all ate too much and then piled pudding into our mouths as is custom. Wonderful !!

I hope you got to celebrate with family or friends and enjoyed making some new memories and traditions.

On a sad note, rest in peace Johno, tragically taken from your family.

One Response to “So that was Christmas…….”

  1. yvonne place December 29, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

    RIP Jonno, our hearts go out to Rachel and the kids. Unfortunately their Christmas will never be the same again.

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