Early Christmas present……

24 Dec

Well, here we are, Christmas eve and I have already received a wonderful present. The day started taking another in the series of seascapes from the normally, but currently stormy Gold Coast, during which I found myself knee-deep in swirling, surging storm generated white water, Nikon D5000 on tripod in front of me.

Later in the day the family all hit the pool for a refreshing swim and then, to my delight the whole family grabbed all the cameras’ and went on a photo walk. We decided there would be a prize for the most original or unusual shot, decided by us all voting for the image that appealed to us the most. To non photographers, this may seem just a bit of fun, but to those of us that are family orientated and  transfixed with the digital art form, the  combination of having the family out and about enjoying my passion is just one of those moments that stay in the forefront of your memories for years. My daughter showed her humourous side with a sensational self-portrait.

My ever creative and imaginative son caused the voting process some dilemmas because of the range of unusual interpretations he captured.

My wife caught us all off guard with a simply magic high-speed pic of a very shy seagull (she continues to surprise and delight me after twenty-five years together).

As for my efforts, oh dear, not great but I don’t care because for me the time spent with these special three people makes everything else pale. Thanks for reading my humble writings, I get great pleasure when I get a comment or a “like” and enjoy sharing a small slice of my daily goings on with others.

Merry Christmas everyone, stay safe, hug your loved ones…lots and I will enjoy sharing more with you all around the world soon…….

One Response to “Early Christmas present……”

  1. Lisa Ruff January 8, 2012 at 1:15 am #

    That bird pic is kewl! I think he’s camera shy!!

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