Some models are just naturals……

20 Dec

I recently had the pleasure to work with a young model who is just starting out. She was excited to be shooting for a cosmetic company who are using the images as tagline ads. Nothing was too much bother, she waited patiently, enjoyed the make up artists attention, and happily wore whats she was asked to.

It was when she stood in front of the camera that we realised what a find she is, natural, happy, creative…I could go on.

One thing I particularly liked about this model, was that despite being on the Gold Coast in Queensland where skimpy bikinis are commonplace, she didn’t feel that she had to show skin more than necessary and was aware about posing in a classy way. Nice!

She had a sense of humour and although this next image may have some people wondering, it will be made into a skin cream advert soon.

Merry Christmas all, stay safe and enjoy your family, ….oh yes take some pictures!!

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