17 Dec

In these frantic times we are not prepared to wait for anything. Meals (?) are served thru small windows into our car so we can fit in something to eat, phones now deliver calls, messages, mail and almost everything else, so that we are constantly aware and available to family, work and world news. Banking is done in public places, in the rain, instead of in a warm, secure buildings with attentive staff. Waiting for anything seems unacceptable, a waste of our time, this sentiment obviously hasn’t filtered thru to our canine friends. They are patient to the core, “wait here boy, I’ll just spend an hour or two catching up with me mates!”, and there he is, never wavering in his dedication or loyalty. Deep down that dog would rather be chewing a bone, chasing a cat or weeing on lampposts, but because he is patient, he will wait forever if needs be. Maybe a dogs’ life isn’t so bad, no rushing here, he indeed has the time to smell the roses( just before he wees’ on them).

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