Seascape photography…….bloody hard work!!

13 Nov

Those of you that know me realise that I subscribe to the photographic persuasion that believes “if the subject doesn’t have eyes, its boring”. Well soon to be stunned reader, I let you into a revelation, Seascape photography is complex, difficult and anything but boring. The waves don’t stand still, they refuse to take direction, they will not reset because the photographer would like to change angle. Then there is the lighting, you can’t move light modifiers to suit a new composition and try placing a flag or gobo on the rapidly rising sun. Sure there are clouds to help soften or spread the light, but lets face it they drift around aimlessly anyway.

If these issues’ weren’t enough to deal with, no sooner do you set your tripod up on wet sand but it starts to sink, or, and this happened to me just the other day, a particularly devilish wave sneaks up while you are adjusting settings with the sole intention of testing the water tight integrity of the mighty Nikon…not funny, Poseidon . Then just as you are getting comfy with the ever-changing environment,  you realise that settings are changing faster than the incoming tide and you require at least 5 more stops of filter to compensate for the sun frying your sensor.

So you get a few shots, pack up your gear, wash your tripod in fresh water  and then download your images to the Mac only to find…….lets see, umm mediocre at best. This seascape thing, whilst still not my passion, is no doddle. You cannot just take a point and shoot to a pretty location and bingo, have a hangable masterpiece, no this genre takes practice, dedication and perhaps a degree of insomnia. One of the masters of this art form here in Queensland , William from Liquid Boulevard, said to me only two days ago,” If you’re not on the beach by 3.45am, your too late”, OMG !!

The plus side beside the chance to record some stunning emerging light, is that this genre gets you outside taking in the natural wonders that are on our doorstep here on the sunny ( at about 4.15am ) Gold Coast, I have to say though I kept thinking “wouldn’t a raven haired model wrapped in golden silk look good on that rock”,  sorry I still like eyes……………

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