Its a hard life (not)………

5 Nov

When a designer says ” do you think you would have time to do some shots of some of my designs for a magazine editorial?’, I have to say it doesn’t take long to reply yes!!.

The logistics of these style of shoots can blow all out of proportion to the end result, but for this shoot for award-winning designer Nerina Battaglia, it was easy. Her design office is located one street back from Gold Coast party central, Caville Ave, in an 18 story building with two pool decks,nice!! With the setting sun as a backdrop for the first part of the shoot, mother nature provided a colourful canvas. Using only two Nikon SB600s as fill we managed to capture both the amazing detail of Nerinas workmanship and the beautiful display that so often is provided at sunset here on the Gold Coast of Queensland.

The awesome ability of Olivia from Warpaint Make Up meant that by the time we had relocated to the lower pool deck opposite the Hard Rock Cafe, our South Australian model Sheree had a complete clothing change and new make up applied. Never underestimate the importance of a great make up artist, not only do they do the make up but their ever critical eye can pick up all the faults that take so long in post production to fix. All too soon, thanks to the great team we had, the shoot was over, and I was left realising that, taking pictures with great Nikon products surrounded by talented, enthusiastic people in one of the world most beautiful locations isn’t so bad. It’s a hard life, not!   

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