Macro from a compact…..

20 Sep

With all passions, hobbies or even some may say obsessions, the adage bigger is better usually holds true, but more and more with digital camera technology, easy to use and light on the pocket compacts are becoming a very viable alternative to large, expensive and even complex DSLRs. They take the traditional snapshot, most have a movie function, they offer incredible resolution, can be dropped and submerged and have a useable macro function. So off to the beach, pool, footy or shopping for that special lounge suite, think about taking one of these great little image capturers along for the ride. Would I get rid of my full frame,full function DSLR ……… way and just for thinking it you should slap yourself with a large stick. But seriously have a look at these, this little crab was about half the size of a match box and was taken handheld using a chocolate ice cream encrusted handkerchief as a diffuser. No worries about sunscreen on mortgage busting lenses, the sand washes off in the sink and it fits in the pocket of your boardies……Truly, fully sick dude.

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