The most sickening sound ever…………

18 Aug

Shock, horror, rain came to Queenslands sunny Gold Coast last night and with rain comes clouds and clouds in the morning mean great sunrise pics right?……. right!. I creaked out of bed at 5.30 am grabbed the Nikon D5000 with 10-20 attached, remote release in pocket and tripod over shoulder. I decided that Burleigh Heads  volcanic rocks at the foreshore would look at bit specy with backlit storm clouds. A quick drive to the foreshore, and amongst all the fitness devotees running and exercising I gingerly made my way out through the pebbles and driftwood to the start of the rocks. Here I paused and thought ” I should put the camera around my neck so if I slip it will be held near me”, but no, I soldiered on and yes, over I went and in the process of slamming down onto my right knee I heard the most sickening sound a photographer can hear, that of the camera and much-loved lens landing heavily on the unforgiving rocks. Remember it is still semi dark and all I could see whilst fumbling for my torch was the lens cap a foot or so away from the camera. Double Bugger!!, torch in hand, knee swelling rapidly I carefully picked my first real DSLR up expecting the worst only to find not only was the body ok, but also the lens was good as new. Even the filter wasn’t scratched, the no original battery grip had a large chunk out of it, but the camera works fine. Because of my now very sore and stiff knee I elected to stay a while and try to capture something. In the end the sun didn’t poke through and the results were only okay, but I reckon that I will always look back on them with a feeling of relief.

As a postscript, a trip to the hardware store (Bunnings) and a tube of two part “knead-it” and some black spray paint saw the hole disappear and the battery grip as good as new. It only cost $8.00 dollars but what a valuable lesson, think about where your taking your equipment and be prepared for the worst. Next time the Nikon with be cocooned in a padded camera bag as it should be……..

Oh yeah, thanks for asking, the knee is fine……………………………

2 Responses to “The most sickening sound ever…………”

  1. hotshot bald cop August 30, 2011 at 12:27 pm #

    Right on!

  2. hotshot bald cop September 1, 2011 at 2:38 am #

    Fantastic views on that!

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