You can never have too much gear…………..

13 Aug

Just as I was about to place an employment advert for a Sherpa to help lug my ever-growing compliment of photographic equipment, I was humbled when one of my favourite Make Up Artists, Andrea Mizzi from Glamorous Hair and Make Up proceeded to unload what appeared to be the entire contents of the David Jones beauty section into the studio. Andrea then commenced opening these cases in a scene that reminded me of a peak into Dr Whos’ Tardis. There was drawers, containers, brushes, hair dryers and things that most males have no chance of identifying.

I pushed my meagre three bags further into a corner, and realised  that I was suffering from a genuine case of gear envy, if not actually envying the contents of the ever mounting number of cases, but just the actual amount of gear. A second full frame body, be it another brilliant D700 or the boss, a D3 is now absolutely mandatory . I now believe that I can make a real case for the purchase of a water proof, shock proof, child proof, super triple uv stabilised trunk from the several new lenses I simply must have including the silky smooth Nikkor 85mm 1.4 G, 35mm 1.4, and a full frame ultra wide. I am currently designing a trunk that can open to support the Macbook pro (need this as well) while shooting tethered. Lastly, I am considering a mobile espresso machine with built-in iPod dock to provide buzz and vibe ( hip and funky words, fully sick dude).

In all seriousness, this photography thing makes golf, petrol head car loving and even fishing look like the little league when it comes to the gear that is needed, or in reality desired. The great thing is that when I pick up my daughters waterproof, shockproof, size of a credit card point and shoot, the images are still great.

Now back to gear, Phottix have a remote strobe trigger for my Sekonic L358 that is compatible with the Phottix Atlas wireless triggers and of course Pocket Wizards. On to the must have list…………..

One Response to “You can never have too much gear…………..”

  1. Squizzy Taylor August 15, 2011 at 3:03 pm #


    As discussed, I’m loving your regular contribution to this blog page, the pics are brilliant – try expanding them to full scene and really appreciate your work, and your creative writing ability…a pleasure to tune in…thanks and keep up the good work!!:-)


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