Movement in still life portraits.

10 Aug

Once again I had the choice of contemplating my navel, exploring the same region for food particles and lint monsters or studying images online while I waited for the flight. The first two are reasonably anti social and most likely to be discouraged in a departure lounge, so I settled into some meaningful constructive criticism of portraits. I love studio portraits, they focus on eyes ( oh no, here comes’ the overused ” windows to the soul” saying) and the eyes on most people convey their emotions, history and help complete the story of that person. I find myself more and more drawn into looking closely at a persons eye’s and this of course can be misconstrued by members of the completely superior and fairer gender. On the other hand gazing for to long at the optic novel of a boiler maker/welder is a sure way to end up bruised and battered.

One thing that has come to my attention whilst enjoying these portraits is that movement in the image lifts its impact dramatically. Pictures of weathered old soldiers enjoying a rollie with a mate are enhanced by telltale wisps of smoke, image of families are made more heartwarming with the inclusion of swaying grass or a running stream, and portraits of models, as pretty as they already are, become so much more interesting when there is hair or clothing movement.

Take a look next time, and see if you agree.

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