Night photography that didn’t happen…..

8 Aug

Sunday evenings at Burleigh Heads foreshore is always special, but now with the warmer weather making a much welcome return, it is especially so. The family and the ever versatile Nikon D5000 made the 3 km trip to the beach, sausages, bread and sauce in the esky and enough money in the pocket to buy hot chips as a treat for the kids( the missus and I don’t eat them….hahahaha!!) . To our surprise, a collection of alternative people had the same idea and commenced setting up drums, and dancing around with fire sticks. What an opportunity for a photographer you say, well gentle reader, not so this night. I tried, I really did, but my heart wasn’t in it, I wanted to spend the time with my wife and enjoy watching the kids play and so in the end I let the kids play with camera and I have included in this post one from each of them, Joe McNally and Sue Bryce (2011 AIPP Photographer of the Year..richly deserved as well) watch out my kids are gunning for you. Enjoy the family, everything else comes a distant second !


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