Our perspective on life

7 Aug

Here we go again, another financial crisis looms, interest rates to go up, the good ‘ole USA plunged further into debt…really!. Without sounding like a skit from Monty Python, I think life today is pretty good. Sure there is crime, drugs and cyber bullying, but in reality these have been around in different forms since the dawn of time. People will always fall victim to others greediness or uncaring attitudes, but I really think that looking on the bright side (ahh, monty python again) helps. We here in Australia are lucky. The sun shines, we eat well, we are cared for if we get sick, most are employed, the kids have good quality education and not to many bombs go off in the village square !

I say we should embrace the good things and go about fixing the not so good with a “can do attitude” or as we used to say in Australia, “She’ll be right,mate”

Just today here on the Gold Coast, people in their thousands are out having lunch, playing in parks or whatever they fancy. Not so bad really. For me, The kids and I got an ice cream by the beach, in the sun and took photos of Aussies living life.

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