looking for style

5 Aug

A well known fashion magazine was placed in my view this morning, whilst enjoying a cuppa and cake, and one of the main editorial pieces focused on a film icon that has recently passed away. A current super ( and I dont use the word lightly)model was the subject who had to emulate the icon, and she can.  Grace, beauty and style leapt off the pages, confirming that style was in abundance in years  gone by. Of course this shoot was captured on digital film and processed in the digital darkroom, with all the tricks and twists that megagigabytes of electronic intelligence can provide. I dont think this is all bad, we, the viewers, are treated to a visual treasure, a delight for the optic nerve, eye candy, however you say it, we benefit.

I applaud those who bring us this reminder of real style and show us that beauty does not have to mean baring lots of flesh. It has inspired me to cast my own version of a tribute to the style icons and therefore a call will go out to those models and make up artists who agree that this is style to join with me and create via the wonderful Nikon D700, some simply wonderous images .

In the meantime , back to reality, the washing and ironing call, kids to sport etc, but soon the Nikon and I will be whisked back in time, to the age of style, grace and beauty.

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